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By Helix SE

The Hi-SleepEr Blanket Cradle

The Basic Hi-Sleeper unit:

The Hi-SleepEr (Patent Pending) allows you to raise blankets and sheets off your body/feet/arms as may be required due to injuries or just for comfort.

The Hi-SleepEr allows free movement of limbs,your extremities are not being pushed down by the blankets, thereby also allowing easier movement of elbows, shoulders, hips and knees.

The Hi-SleepEr is ideal for hospital orthopeadic beds where patients have undergone surgery on limbs and require ease of movement for arms or legs.

The Hi-SleepEr can be used in hospital burn units to keep blankets lifted off the patient's injuries.

The Hi-SleepEr can be fitted to any side of the bed and in some cases could be used on opposite sides of the bed should it be required for the entire bottom or middle section of blankets to be lifted.

The Hi-SleepEr can be turned up, placed on the bed and used as a leg rest to lift your leg or foot above the level of the bed. (Used with a cushion)

The Hi-SleepEr is easily stackable and does not require large space when not in use. (For hospital use)

The Hi-SleepEr is stored under the bed and completely out of the way. (For private home use)

The Hi-SleepEr is manufactured from aluminium which is durable and light for ease of handling, powder coated on the outside in white to ensure cleanliness and aesthetic appeal.

Accessories: (Optional extras). These items are presently under development and will be available soon

1. The Hi-SleepEr can be supplied with a sleeve which fits tightly over the unit and has a conveniently located pocket which can house a hot water bottle or an electric hot bag.

2. The Hi-SleepEr can be supplied with a sleeve which fits snugly over the unit and would have a conveniently located heater section c/w a thermostat controller with 2/3 heat settings.

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