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About Hi-SleepEr

Hi-SleepEr is designed to eliminate discomfort when sleeping for persons unable, for various reasons, to accept the pressure of bed-clothes, blankets etc. on body and/or limbs. There are several medical conditions which can cause this, diabeates being one such condition. Leg pain and cramps often occur as a result of nerve damage called diabetic neuropathy being experience due to pressure of blankets.

If diabetes damages nerves in your arms or legs, it’s called diabetic peripheral neuropathy. This condition can be a direct result of long-term high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) in those who suffer from diabetes.

Pain, burning, tingling, and numbness are common symptoms. Peripheral neuropathy can also result in serious foot and leg conditions. Catching nerve damage early is important in preventing symptoms. This can help prevent lower leg amputations.

Managing leg pain and cramps may also help prevent the condition from progressing and improve your quality of life.

Patients in hospital and at home during recuperation after surgical operations frequently require that no pressure be placed upon the limbs during the recuperation period.

In addition, Hi-SleepEr can be used as a 'leg-lift' to position the legs in a raised position, again often required after surgery.

For those who prefer not to have pressure of bedding on their lower limbs purely for reasons of enhanced comfort, Hi-SleepEr is the ideal solution.

About the manufacturer, Helix SE

Engaged in engineering of quality metal products, Helix SE is a well-established company trading in the industrial and commercial sectors.

With a factory and offices Based in Gauteng Province, Helix SE products are sold across South Africa.